My name is Dietmar Aust. I am a software developer and I love writing software for the Oracle database with Oracle APEX and Oracle ORDS, or plain SQL and PL/SQL.

Over the years, I have continuously strived to improve my skills and share them with the community in the Oracle forums or at technical conferences.

O_ACELogo_clrIn 2012, I was awarded the Oracle ACE status by Oracle in recognition of my contributions to the Oracle community and in 2015 I received the Oracle Database Developer of the Year award in the ORDS category (chosen by the community).

Nowadays I am well-known in my field and I am happy that I can help many people with their daily struggles. But it has not always been like this ...

When I was growing up, I was raised with the belief that there are limits to what I could accomplish in my life. I shouldn't be such a dreamer, and I couldn't choose to do whatever I wanted in life.

Luckily I was unwilling to accept this, and I started a journey of continuous self-improvement. Learning from great mentors like Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn and putting their advice into practice, I was able to improve my life significantly in all areas.I learned that anything is possible. And so I did what I was told I couldn’t: I found my passion and started to live a life on my terms …

Being part of the Oracle community has shown me that I can achieve excellence and be recognized for it. It also taught me to grow beyond myself to help other developers who love their work so they can achieve more than they ever believed possible.

Therefore this site is dedicated to my continued journey on becoming the best APEX developer I can be. Here I record everything that helps me on this journey.

You will learn to boost your productivity, increase the quality of your work and also to systemize your knowledge ... so that you can apply what you have learned over the years consistently over and over again in your next projects.

But in order to create your greatest work and live a truly fulfilled life, you need more than just great coding skills. You need good people skills as a consultant. Because in the end, you need to work with real people, listen well and earn their trust.

Neglecting your physical needs like proper food/exercise and the people in your life for too long will also have a detrimental effect on your life. Been there, done that, paid my dues.

So, therefore, you'll find the content on this site to be holistic in nature.

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