JasperReportsIntegration 2.6.1 released

I have just released version 2.6.1 of the JasperReportsIntegration on https://github.com/daust/JasperReportsIntegration.

You can download the current release here: https://github.com/daust/JasperReportsIntegration/releases/tag/v2.6.1.

You will also find the release notes on that page.

The ReleaseNotes.md contain all the major updates for each release. The complete set of issues can be found on the Milestones page.

With this release I have achieved a number of things:

  • Putting the source code up on GitHub so that other people can contribute as well.
  • Putting up the source code so that other people can fork for themselves. Anyhow, this should increase the value of the project because nobody can be "stuck" with a certain binary release. I have also documented how you have to set up your environment to build your own releases.
  • Upgrading the embedded jasperreports libraries is now a separate process and it will be reflected in the version number scheme: jri-<jri version>-<jasperreports version>.zip, e.g. jri-2.6.1-6.14.0.zip. This will make future releases (where the code doesn't change but a new jasperreports version becomes available) a lot easier and faster to build.
  • The documentation is extended and improved. Especially the part for creating wallets for using https-calls is important.
  • The APEX application has been upgraded to APEX 19.1. Actually, I have rewritten it from the ground up. It looks a lot nicer now :).
  • The process for the J2EE application to look up its configuration directory can now be configured on the command line similar to the way Oracle REST Data Services (java -jar ords.war configdir) implements that. You can now use the script bin/setConfigDir for that.
  • New security enhancements have been implemented.
  • I have upgraded to the latest Oracle JDBC drivers: ojdbc8-
  • I have upgraded to the latest jasperreports libraries, version 6.14.0.
  • You can now store the report server url in a local configuration table.
    Previously, you needed to set the following parameters manually before calling xlib_jasperreports.show_report or xlib_jasperreports.get_report:

    • xlib_jasperreports.set_report_url
    • utl_http.set_wallet
    • utl_http.set_transfer_timeout

    This is now done for you using the defaults in the table XLIB_JASPERREPORTS_CONF.

Let me know how it works out for you. You can post any issues here and you can also discuss there in the forum here.


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