Slides and replay available for KScope19 APEX Deep Dive session

Last week at the KScope 2019 conference in Seattle we concluded the sessions in the APEX track with the Deep Dive.

We have set up "lightning talks" and put them all into the context of a specific topic. The so-called lightning talks are a series of presentations done by luminaries in the Oracle APEX community for 10-12 minutes each … back to back.

This format has been really successful and entertaining in recent years.

This year we were focusing our efforts around "Developing APEX like a pro". In order to have the biggest impact on the community, we decided to focus on beginners/intermediates primarily and show them how to avoid the biggest mistakes by utilizing good practices. All of us have learned so many valuable lessons over the years and thus wanted to share our knowledge with you. But it should also be entertaining and informative for advanced developers so that they can learn a thing or two to use in their next APEX project.

Here is the agenda and the slides from the different speakers:

  1. The ground rules with Jackie McIlroy, APEX R&D
  2. Corporate CI/UI Customization with Shakeeb Rahman, Oracle Corporation
  3. APEX reporting performance: Things to know with Carsten Czarski, Oracle Corporation
  4. Soft Skills with Oracle ACE Alumnus Dietmar Aust, OPAL Consulting
  5. Debugging and Troubleshooting with Oracle ACE Director Peter Raganitsch, FOEX GmbH
  6. Security with Oracle ACE Director Scott Spendolini, Viscosity North America

Presenter - Oracle ACE Alumnus Dietmar Aust, Opal-Consulting
Co-presenter - Oracle ACE Jorge Rimblas, Insum

Or you can download all slides in a single zip file from here.

The session was streamed live last week. You can watch the replay here:, people start speaking at 6:33 min into the replay.


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